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NEW DISCOVERIES (As of 12/27/2019)​

Since the publication of the ‘The Torah in the Tarot’ others have found additional Judaic content in the cards that I failed to note in my booklet. 


  • The Moon card, in which one can see a letter Mem, also contains three highly disguised menorahs.


  • In the Judgement Card, one can find a Mikvah bath which has a unique connection to the holy day of Shavuot.


  • In the Star the two trees have a total of 49 leaves; one for every letter that spells out the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.


  • In The World the center branch has 11 leaves which is the Gematria equivalent for a combination of the letters Heh and Vav - again marking the unification of the cosmic male and female as articulated in the terminology of traditional Kabbalah. 

  • In The Magician there are 8 spots on the top of the dice for the day of the circumcision, but a total of 15 spots which is the Gematria equivalent for Yud Heh, an abbreviated reference to the highest name of the LORD God.

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